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 How do you know that you are a Kosovar

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PostSubject: How do you know that you are a Kosovar   Fri May 16, 2008 7:49 pm

Subject: How do you know that you are a Kosovar

How do you know that you are a Kosovar:

1. You drive either VW GOLF or a Passat diesel - second hand driven by an old lady

2. You spit on the street every 1 minute

3. You pick your nose waiting for a green light

4. You still prefer Levis 501

5. Your favorite food is medallions in mushroom sauce

6. You work for one of the following: UN, OSCE, EU, NGO or Raiffeissen bank

7. You can not start a day without a macchiato

8. You smoke like shit

9. You have a bath only on Sunday

10. You go once a month to Shkup/Skopje so your kids can go to McDonald's

11. Either yourself or someone from your extended family lives in UK or USA

12. You think your English is perfect but it's not

13. You still believe that Slovenian products are the best in the world

14. Your biggest enemy is the draft

15. You envy those ones driving X5 or Q7

16. You always wear sunglasses

17. Your minister of culture is Skender Hyseni

18. You still listen secretly "Bijelo Dugme"

19. One of your life achievements is going to an "all inclusive" summer holiday to Turkey

20. If you are unable to do the no.19 you belong to those who say "the best cost in the world is Ulqin"

21. You hate flying

22. You love the western culture but you fast during Ramadan

23. You like rap and R&B though you have no clue what it is

24. You watch Turkish channels

25. You are arrogant to the Kosovar policemen, and very polite to
fYROM and Montengro ones (not to mention the ones from Serbia)

26. You still see posters of support for Ramush

27. You live in the only place in the world with mud on the asphalt

28. You watch and comment "Familja moderne, Kafeneja jone & 3 Gjermant e trash"

29. You like 50 cent but don't understand anything about it/him

30. You have a power inverter at your home

31. Every member of your family has a mobile phone and never uses it for real

32. You still keep the 063 in addition to VALA and IPKO sim card

33. You like to talk about politics and criticize but don't take any initiative

34. You are happy if a foreigner asks you if you are an Italian

35. You buy Serbian products cause they're cheap and bad

36. Your kids love "Plazma Keks" and "Alpsko mleko and argeta"

37. You listen Sinan Vllasaliu and enjoy dancing to his music

38. You're the only place in the world that think that rock music
is outdated so you listen to: Edona Llalloshi, Ermal Fejzullahu,
Tingulli 3, Genta and "Energy Band"

39. You are extremely self-confident without any justification

40. You always drive fast and like to compete with other cars on the road

41. You own a Nokia phone and change it every year

42. You are proud of Mother Teresa though she never visited Kosova

43. You celebrate Christmas even though you are a Muslim

44. You like Robert de Niro and Al Pacino

45. Your ex-minister of culture was Astrit Haracija

46. You regularly log in to Xenini.com

47. You still refer to tooth paste as "Kalladont"

48. You think Brezovica has the best skiing terrains in the world

49. Every year there is a "Bajram party" where people consume alcohol

50. You have an UNMIK travel documen
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How do you know that you are a Kosovar
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